Bofood AB signs a licence agreement with Probi AB

Bofood AB has now signed an agreement with Probi AB on using Probi´s well-documented strain LP 299V®. This enables Bofood AB to produce a VEGAN Ice Cream with PROBIOTIC Active Bacteria. It is scientifically proven that LP 299V® relieves IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms.

VEGAN FOOD is a rapid growing product segment in Europe. FUNCTIONAL FOOD is another fast growing market segment. Bofood AB now is able to develop products that are both vegan and functional, products that appeal to consumers interested in two growing food trends. We look forward to offering a new vegan soya based ice cream with probiotics that will be launched already during the autumn 2016. This new product will be introduced on several European markets.

Bofood´s brand is Lovice - a plant based vegan ice cream, free from milk, lactose, egg, nuts and gluten. Lovice tastes better or just as good as premium milk-based ice cream. Lovice addresses consumers that are health and climate-conscious. It is well-documented that a transition from animal to vegetable food products is beneficial for both the health and the environment. Bofood AB is an innovative food business based in the south of Sweden. The mission of Bofood is to develop plant based products that taste good, are healthy and climate smart. Bofood has IKEA GreenTech AB together with a group of industrial food entrepreneurs as shareholders.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Bo Funeteg +46 70 106 21 98, email: or
Mr. Sven Anders Christensson +46 70 642 32 70, email:

For more information please contact
Christian Ehrenborg at IKEA GreenTech AB
on +46 70 950 86 00

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